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  • 2019-6-24
    Differences between selective wave soldering and traditional wave soldering

    Wave soldering is suitable for mass production of circuit boards with low requirement. Selective soldering focuses on high precision PCBs, which cannot be ...

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  • 2017-12-22
    [Good News] The core enterprise of Unis Holding, Unisplendour Suneast won 2017 National High-tech Enterprise Recognition

    On 1st December, The network of National High-tech Enterprise Recognition management publicized the second batch of high-tech enterprises in Guangd...

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  • 2017-11-15
    The core enterprise of Unis Holding, Unisplendour Suneast carries BIMS intelligent manufacturing management system to join China high-end SMT academic conference

    On November 1st, Guangdong Electronics Society unites with SMT Committee of Sichuan Electronics Society for holding 11th China high-end SMT academic con...

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  • 2017-11-10
    Hangzhoumemory, Meeting in July –Unisplendour Suneast attended China Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Forum in Hangzhou on 21st July

            Zhejiang (Hangzhou) advanced intelligent manufacturing and reliability engineering technology seminar,one of 2017CEIA China Electronic Intelligent Ma...

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