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The fourth industrial design
Release date:2017-10-12

The fourth session of the Shenzhen electronic equipment of industrial design "gongfan Award" selection promotion sponsored by the industry association, Shenzhen City, Shenzhen City, intelligent electronic equipment equipment industry association, the new intellectual media professional institutions, selection of activities to promote set up "industrial design gongfan" gold medal, "Hongfan Industrial Design Award" Technology Innovation Award "industrial design REDSAIL Award" concept innovation award three awards, including the selection of robots, intelligent equipment, intelligent hardware, electronic products in four major areas of industrial product design, technological innovation, comprehensive utilization of scientific and technological achievements and Engineering Science, aesthetics, psychology and economics knowledge, evaluation of products or the concept of function, structure, morphology and packaging are integrated.

Industrial design "gongfan Award" selection of activities to promote the declaration started since April 2017, received a total of 310 projects in 226 companies reporting; through layers of screening and selecting the best products for enterprises, 67 enterprises listed in the final public voting and expert review. 7 8 April afternoon, fourth Shenzhen electronic equipment industry "Hongfan Industrial Design Award" expert review meeting held in Shenzhen Electronic Equipment Industry Association, industry experts from colleges and universities, industry experts, corporate executives, agencies and media reporters to participate in the review meeting. After all the expert judges for data to review and vote, the final selection of the fourth session of the Shenzhen electronic equipment of industrial design "gongfan" award winning company 45, which won the fourth session of the Shenzhen electronic equipment industry industrial design "Hongfan Gold Award" in honor of the 14 enterprises "Technology Innovation Award" 16 enterprises the concept of "Innovation Award" 15 enterprises.

Unisplendour Suneast Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. with self-developed online electromagnetic pump China first selective soldering SUNFLOW3, won the fourth session of the "Hongfan Industrial Design Award" - gold medal.